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Site Updated - August 22, 2015

Stop by and visit.

The Ponderosa North Model Railroad has openings to join our club. We have experts in most areas of model railroading. However, you DO NOT have to join our club to join in the fun. Wether you are looking to join a club, new to the hobby or just want to do something different, join us at one of our monthly meetings. We welcome any and all who would like to stop by. Our mission is to promote the great hobby of model railroading so if you are new to the hobby, interested in maybe starting or a veteran, one of the best ways to learn about model railroading is to visit a club. There is no pressure to sell you anything, no pressure to join, just come by and have fun. We have meetings across the Valley. You can check out our schedule on the PNL page or contact club President Gary Ray.
Hope we will see you at a meeting.

Videos of the month.


This month we have a couple of videos. The first is a special edition Rapido LRC locomotive. The second is an updated run of George's Prescott Valley home layout.

Please note, I am always looking for your input. If you have pictures, articles, information about a train related event, etc., let me know. It has a good chance to be posted. Thanks.

Welcome Aboard Arizona Rails!

The purpose of this site is to help promote the great hobby of model railroading as well as highlight the real railroad in a fun and informative forum. While the bulk of the site will deal with model railroading it will cover some of the rail fanning that can be done in Arizona 

This site also hosts The Ponderosa North Model Railroad Club, to present the clubs latest activities and achievements. The Ponderosa North was founded over 30 years ago to promote the fascinating hobby of model railroading. Today that tradition continues with the clubs participation in all of the major rail shows and presentations, like Scottsdale's Annual Rail Fair at the Stillman-McCormick Railroad Park. Most members of the PN are also members of the Arizona Division of the National Model Railroad Association and many of the members have served as officers in the Association and in other leadership positions.

Arizona has got to be one of the most fascinating places in the United States to be involved in railroading of any type - be it rail fanning, model railroading, collecting train memorabilia, or historical investigation. Arizona itself, is an amazing landscape of striking contrasts - from snow covered forests in the north, to blazing desert sands in the south. And Arizona owes a great deal of its current existence to the railroads.

The state hosts the transcontinental lines of both the major western railroads: The Union Pacific and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. And both of those lines are steeped in historical predecessors, the Atlantic & Pacific, the Santa Fe, the Southern Pacific, and even the Texas and Pacific. And the state is filled with optimistic short lines to serve the lumbering and mining interests of the earliest pioneers. Lines like the United Verde & Pacific, Verde Tunnel and Smelter, Arizona Mineral Belt, El Paso & Southwestern, Arizona Eastern, Maricopa & Phoenix, Bradshaw Mountain, etc. Many are fallen flags, but some are new like the Black Mesa & Lake Powell and the many incarnations of the Apache Railway.

So, once again, Welcome Aboard Arizona Rails! 

Attention Rail Fans & Model Railroaders

A quick reminder to all of our visitors, if you are aware of any railroad or model railroad related news or information in the Arizona or Desert Southwest areas, we would be most appreciative if you would forward it to us. This includes any activities by railfan groups, model railroad clubs, or a lone-wolf who is in love with trains.  Send information to the Webmaster: Mark J. Redmond.

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