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The UP 844 Steam Engine Visit

November 25, 2011

As part of the New Mexico and Arizona State Centennials the Union Pacific Railroad agreed to run it's 844 4-8-4 steam engine through the states.
On November 12, 2011 the UP844 came into the Phoenix area. With stops in Gilbert and Tempe. For the next two days, November 13 & 14, 2011, thousands of train fans hit the UP yard to get an up close look at this huge steam engine.

Below are pictures taken during it visit to Phoenix.

UP 844 rolls in to Gilbert.

Inside the UP car Challenger some lucky railfans take a ride in the dome.

The car Challenger.

The Arizona Centennial drum head.

The UP 1996 Southern Pacific Heritage unit which was on the UP844 train

A look at the drive wheels on the 844

Gotta love southwest hard water. Makes a lovely mess.

UP 9336 is the parts storage and repair shop for the 844

Another shot of the 844 pulling into Gilbert.

Inside the cab of the 844

The front end of the 844

A close up view of the centennial plaque.

The drive wheels

The 844. Hard to get a shot without people in it.


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