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George Lopez-Cepero's
Prescott Valley Layout
The Burlington Route

Updated August 25/2012

Well George has purchased a new home in the Prescott area and is building a new layout.

This is a work in process so I will be updating it from time to time.

A picture of the basic benchwork George is using.

A closer view.

A better view of the benchwork. You can see the legs are a separate assembly to which the side 2X4's are attached.

A piece of plywood is used to attach the legs to the side pieces..

Here you can see how the side and center supports are attached from the inside.

Adding the plywood top.

More pictures with the plywood top installed.


Pictures from the August 25, 2012 visit.
Although you may think what a mess, George uses common household items to mimic what he sees will be on the layout. You can see where he plans to put in scenery walls and ideas of what buildings he wants to go where. Messy looking maybe but a very inexpensive way to help plan.

Gary Ray runs his ATSF coal freight.

Mike Janik uncouples a car for Jim Cooley during a switching run.

A mishap at the fireworks company.





George helps Gary run the layout.


The very long yard at the back of the layout.


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