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The Name

The name is really too simple. Joe has yet to name is railroad.

The Layout

The layout is from the book '101 Track Plans'. Joe choose page 6, the Port Ogden & Northern layout plan but reversed the way it is shown in the book. The layout is in Joe's garage. The scenery represents the greater northwestern part of the United States. Currently Joe is planning to modify the track plan to add a bit of ease to switching. The layout now only has 1 pass-around. Joe is also planning to add a curved section to a city area along the side wall of the garage. The track is code 83 with #6 Shinohara switches and a 3 way switch for the yard. Atlas switch machines are located under the 3/8" plywood base. The layout was built in a modular fashion with 2 6 foot sections and 1 four foot section. The track is cut at the section junctions allowing for quick disassembly if needed. The wiring is connected using computer DB25s. The new hand held throttle is analog and there are no blocks on the layout. The frame is a box style using 1X4s.


Joe can run an number of diesel engines with different road names. He does not have a car card system. The yard does hold about 20 cars enough to give some real good switching challenges.


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One of Joe's many weathered rolling stock.

A view from the end of the layout.

A veiw from the other end.

A car ready for detailing.

A sample of Joe's art of scenery.

A currently dry river.

A different view.

A tressle bridge over the river.

Another weather car.

Some of joe's many engines.

An unfinished rock wall.

A finished wall.

A lot of rust coming from the bridge..

An SW engine running through the culvert

2 more of Joe's engines.

A very dirty tank car..

A train passes under a bridge to the lower section of the layout.

Work in process .

The yard.

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