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Matt Furze's
Elkhorn Division of the Santa Fe

Updated 07/24/2010

Matt has finally been able to retire and now the work on his layout begins.

The Name

There is no official name for the layout, other than it is the Elkhorn Division of the Santa Fe. The old layout was the Galena Division of the Elkhorn and Galena RR, and this in now 50 years later, circa 1975, and the EGRR has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Santa Fe. The Elkhorn Division is in the High Desert area rather than the mountain region of the old Galena Division.

As work progresses and I get more information I will update this page.

The beginnings of Desert City..

The beginnings or a small yet un-named desert city.

A small yet un-named desert city viewed from the other side.

The beginnings of the town of Adobe.

The floor plan for the layout.

The wye at Duffy.

Some pictures of the layout in June of 2010.

GP38 # 3520 and GP38 # 3501 wait on the engine tracks at the Adobe Engine Facility as GP30 # 1243 backs in to refuel.  The facility and the nearby Adobe Yard are the focal point of operations for the Elkhorn Subdivision of the ATSF Railway here in the desert west of Phoenix.

The small Adobe Yard fills up rapidly most days.  Here NW2 # 2367 prepares to move a shiny new UP box car.

GP35 # 2848 pulls into Cholla Junction to begin its day.  Future building fronts lay against a gray divider, which hides two staging tracks (aka Phoenix).  A mirror (seen in the upper left hand corner of the picture) allows a view of waiting trains.

Desert City is the largest town on the layout.  Here we see part of the extensive industrial area, with numerous switching locations.

Duffy is a small desert town that was built up around a wye (still used by the railroad).  Here we see an industry siding next to the mainline leg of the wye.  The siding serves a produce warehouse and what at one time was a small LCL building that has been taken over by UPS in recent years.

Here we're looking at the back end of the wye.  A work train, headed up by CF7 # 2496 sits by the long defunct Duffy station (now used for storage by the railroad).

Another view of the work train sitting in Duffy.

NW2 # 2367 and CE-7 caboose # 999641 head out past the Adobe Engine Facility towards Duffy.

The railroad interchanges with the Southern Pacific RR in the Adobe Yard, and the SP also has trackage rights to serve a few industries along the Elkhorn Subdivision.  Here SP MP15AC and its caboose drift down a slight grade after leaving the Adobe Yard.


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