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Railfair 2006

Railfair 2006 started with some not so good weather. For the first time in almost 16 years we had rain. Fortunately, it rained only after we got the modules set up and only for a couple of hours. At about noon the skies cleared and we had a great weekend.

This year also saw the third major reconstruction of the club's portable layout. We retired the old ends and cut down to 4 side pieces to make it easier to transport and used a new leg system. The 4 new end pieces made my Mike Janik worked like a charm. It gave us much more space inside the layout and bigger curves for large rail cars. With the new leg system we were able to set up the layout in a record time of 30 minutes.

With the layout up we had the task to relay a lot of track. The outside track already had it's cork bed laid so by 11AM we had trains running. By noon Sunday we had both main lines running trains. We still have some kinks to work to do as our Walther's heavyweights had some derailing problems.

There is still major work to be done. The town of Barcus will need to have many of it's turnouts replaced and Stilts will need to be completely rebuilt. The cut down did not allow for the modules sidings to meet up well. Will need to remove the tops and do a total rebuild. Also in the works are 4 new modules. 2 straight and 2 curved to give the layout a dog bone shape. One of the new curved sections will be the new home for Veterans Hill. Everyone missed having it. The layout will still have both trains running and the ability to do some switching. This will allow for visitors to watch trains and for us to do some switching runs.

Click on the pictures to enlarge, turn off pop up blockers.

2 of the side modules up with the new legs.

1 end done.

Mark uses a leveling stick to adjust the module height.

A wider shot leveling the layout.

All 8 modules set up.

Steve gets started on the outer loop..

Mark puts some glue between the ties to help secure the track.

Suprise Matt.

Matt, George and Steve work on the track while Gary watches..

The first test run on the left end.

Mark runs a test while Steve continues to lay track.

Joe, Gary, Mike, Steve and George ponder a track problem.

Problem solved. Mike solders the track joint

Mike watches the first pass on the right end.

The first complete loop.

The private railroad cars Vista Canyon and Edward S. Schweitzer make their debut.

The first train runs past Barcus.

George worked so hard, it's nap time.

Matt and Steve work on the inner loop.

Making some shims between the modules.

Mark cuts the roadbed between modules.

Steve sets up a train for some switching in Barcus.

An SP freight.

Mike does some power sanding of the roadbed.

On Sunday Sven joins Mike in roadbed laying.

Matt fixes a de coupling problem..

A Santa Fe E A-B lead a refer train.

Sven's Swedish train passes the Edward S. Schweitzer in Barcus.

A steam engine runs a coal train.

A 2-8-2 passes by.




Not to be outdone. Sven takes a nap


Sven's train gets it's first heavy workout.



The Grand Canyon Club had a long 75 car refer train running. Powered by 4 cab forwards throughout the train.








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