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Railfair October 10 - 11, 2009

This years Railfar was delightful. Weather was a little above average with temperatures in the low 90's. Even with the good weather, many of us noted a large drop in visitors this year. I suspect the Breast Cancer Walk held on October 10 had a lot to do with this.

This year we saw a new club join the event. The guys from the Tucson N-Trak Club came to show off their work. It was nice to finally meet John Scott.  The Tucson group had a very nice layout on display, including the expandable connecting tracks Kato makes for N-scale. I was also great to see past club member Joe Turner who sadly will be leaving Arizona for Portland Oregon.

Overall the layout gave us almost no trouble at all. We have about 3 or 4 switches that we need to repair so other than that we had very little problems with the track. The derailments we did have were related to specific cars or switches. We continued our learning on the club DCC system and some of the limitations with the 3 AMP system we have. We did learn with our current system we can run 2 sound engines and 2 no sound engines fine. 3 sound engines overloads our system. The club will look to add a dumb booster to help allow for more engines. Even with these issues we were easily able to run to trains and do some switching which really adds another dimension to our layout.

One of the changes for next year will be the 'Rules Of The Layout.' Matt noticed some things where we once again caused some of our own problems. To solve this we will make up rules for all to follow to avoid these problems in the future.

The painting of the track and start of the ballasting helped make the layout look better. At this time we also mapped out on the layout where buildings would permanently be. Some need a bit of modification and others will need to be created but getting down how we want the scenery to look with he layout set up will help us.

Here are this years pictures and I have a couple of short videos too.

Click on the pictures to enlarge, turn off pop up blockers.

Here comes Matt's Dash 9's with a container train pull into Stilts.

Mike Janik checks out the run..

A front shot of a Dash 9.

A Santa Fe freight runs through Stilts.

The Dash 9 consist runs through Barcus..

Running smooth.


A Santa Fe #3777 passenger train comes into Barcus.


Mike Janik's Western Pacific F units run through Barcus.

A drive-in theater screen from the Tucson N-Trak group. Yes that is a real screen showing a movie.

A east bound freight passes a westbound freight in Barcus.

Very busy in Barcus today.

3 freights going through Stilts.

George on duty.

A memory brick for Carol and Gary Stilts located at the parks carousel ride.

Some O-gauge action.

A Coors Light Silver Bullet train.

Mike Janik's Great Northern Empire Builder makes a run.

OOPS. One of the few derailments we had.

A full view of the Empire Builder.


A busy day at the siding.

A Rock Island engine takes a couple of private cars on an excursion.

An annual Railfair event. Someone, Jim Cooly, caught napping

Click on the logo for a view of the Empire Builder running by.

This was ntot staged it really just happened. A Rock Island freight meets the Empire Builder.


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