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Final Score: Tumbleweeds 1, BNSF Coal Train 0

December 15, 2007

Story of a BNSF coal train in North Dakota. I got this from a friend.

Story goes like this.
On Monday morning, if someone had told me that tumbleweeds could stop a coal train, I would have said " yeah, right, no way." That was until yesterday morning, 12 miles west of Hardin, MT we were pulling up Rowley Hill, going 15 mph & the wind was blowing about 50 mph & we ran into thousands of tumbleweeds. We came to a dead stop in about 5 car lengths, they blew under our drivers & we lost all our traction & were dead in the water. We had 3 engines & got 2 more engines off another train & still couldn't move. We were stuck there for 5hrs 35 min. & finally had to back down the hill & let another crew take over because we ran out of time to work.

Here are the picutres.


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